About Lyly

About Lyly

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The Skillful Creator of Fashionable COVID-19 Accessories

I’m LyLy and I have designed a COVID-19 box that contains all that you need to stay safe during these trying times. From fabric masks, hand soaps, protectors for your mask, keychain door openers, and a few other items, you can buy everything in a nice package at an affordable price. You will have the cutest products while staying stay clean and germ-free at all times.

Curating the Cutest Self-care Items and Covid-19 Accessories
LyLyJustLyLy curates and features the cutest self-care items at reasonable prices with an excellent value to boot. Colorful, cute, bright, aesthetically pleasing, and practical, our self-care items are the best of the bunch. By merging aesthetics with serviceability, these items are a worthy investment that outlasts seasons
and times.

Covid-19 has got nothing on our trendy pandemic-ready accessories! These specially crafted boxes are your fashionable armor from the devastating virus — nothing compares to looking chic while staying ahead of a ravaging pandemic. You will find the cutest face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and everything you need to elegantly shield your body from the unforgiving virus.

Core Values

I aim to be your trusted source of premier items while providing you with an honest and satisfying customer experience.

What Makes My Shop Special

LyLyJustLyLy is a virtual store where you can also find great deals from other sites. Here you will also see videos and my personal recommendations for various products. I wish to develop a one-of-a-kind online store with multiple purposes in the shopping world.

And there's More.....

LyLyJustLyLy is more than just a pretty store. We value customer relationships and strive to attain ultimate customer satisfaction. We provide a memorable and pleasant shopping experience hinged on quality and reliable service. Plus, our products are as versatile as they come, so you'd never run out of options.

The cherry on top? I also refer shoppers to sites where they are sure to find good bargains and quality products. I recommend tested and trusted products for customers so they can find what best suits their needs and preferences. The LyLyJustLyLy experience is wholesome, personable, and gratifying. Visit our store and experience beauty, value, creativity, and shopping at its ultimate best.


About LyLy 

A Passion for Teaching and Entrepreneurship

I have loved creating and selling things that people like or use since I was little. When I became a teacher, this passion inspired me to make props and rewards for my students. I bought a laminator and created laminated magnet rewards. Aside from being an online educator for the past four years, I have been selling these items on Etsy for other teachers who have no time to build their own.

I wanted to take things to the next level by adding other products to my shop, products for everyone, not teachers. Such as custom t-shirts, stickers and fun self care products. My goal is to be able to provide a place with a wide variety of very affordable products and also be able to give my own reviews and recommendations on the latest products.

The LyLyJustLyLy Story

As a passionate lover of all things cute and nurturing with a creative flair for producing and selling, LyLyJustLyLy is a true-to-life depiction of one woman's passion and dreams. Affordability meets cute and functional in this delightful store that aims to satisfy, delight, and serve the 21st-century shopper who values self-care and pretty little things.
Growing up, nothing delighted me like creating valuable pieces from scratch and putting them up for sale. You could say my creative juices and entrepreneurial spirit is genetic, as I come from a bloodline of passionate, small, business owners. Becoming an online educator lent more enthusiasm to my entrepreneurial passion and I delved into making rewards and props for my students.
With time, these products found their way to the famous Etsy store. But of course, my artistry and resourcefulness yearned for more and I launched more products that weren't just school or teacher-inspired — I birthed the cutest self-care products, branded T-shirts, stickers, and my latest winning addition — the COVID - 19 care package. My name is Lyly and this is the LyLyJustLyLy story!

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Creating a Wide Inventory of Goods

Soon, my items became popular among students and teachers, so I started producing different rewards, t-shirts, and stickers. To keep up with my theme of creating goods suitable for all kinds of people, I began to make custom fabric face masks with various designs and other goods since March 2020.

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